Wash Your Eyes With COLD WATER | Habitsutra

Habitsutra has come up with an amazing health habit which is very much important in today's world.

Habitsutra will help to to attain this health habit. with habitsutra unique way, we work on WHY, WHAT, HOW principle which helps you to adopt this habit.


  • we consume a lot of content from the phone , laptop and many more digital platforms.

  • This create a ot of stress over our eyes which is consider to be most sensitive body part of a human system.


  • You Should wash your eyes 4-5 time in a day with cold water.

  • You can also put 1-2 drops of GHEE before going to bed.


  • You can make a daily routine of washing your eyes just before going to bed and first thing after waking up from bed.

  • You can also use Paper Tags and write this habit over it and paste it over a wall.

habitsutra will be there for you as a friend who will constantly help you to build good habits all the time.

Just try this habit for just 7day and you will find that, that habit will become a part of you. kindly comment below your good habits which others can adopt and how. we will be very happy to read your valuable comments.

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